Why DUPLO® is Great For Kids

Why DUPLO® is Great For Kids

While your older kids might be busy constructing intricate LEGO® inventions, there’s no reason your little brick-builders have to miss out. Get your preschoolers involved with age-appropriate bricks, and let them construct their mini masterpieces.



At double the length, height, and width of traditional LEGO® bricks, DUPLO® is easier to handle. What’s better – you don’t have to constantly keep a lookout for little hands putting pieces in their mouth; DUPLO® is larger and less likely to be swallowed. As preschool-perfect bricks, you can choose from a playground, a house or a farmyard-themed set. They can configure these sets any way they want.


DUPLO® Skills

At the top of the toy list for toddlers and preschoolers is DUPLO®. Versatile and long-lasting, these construction bricks give your smaller kids the opportunity for open-ended, creative play. DUPLO® can help with social development; sharing, taking turns and learning to communicate and negotiate with their co-builders. Building with DUPLO® promotes hand-eye coordination and strength as toddlers try to put the pieces together and pull them apart. When kids use these bricks, it helps develop fine motor skills.

These beautiful bricks also offer early STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) lessons; use the number pips to introduce mathematical concepts or talk to them about three dimensions in terms of structure and stability. Problem-solving is built into DUPLO®; weighing up what bricks they have, with what they want to build. Lastly, DUPLO® is a creativity champion; asking about what they create and hearing the stories behind it.


Discover DUPLO® at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre


DUPLO Kids Club

For pint-sized LEGO® lovers, this ultimate LEGO® fun for ages 5 and under, runs every weekday from 10am – 1pm (excluding school holidays and public holidays). Bring your mini brick-masters along for an interactive play-based workshop, facilitated by our expert staff at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre. Make numbers, letters, colours and animals fun with DUPLO®!

Then it’s story time with an interactive build: listen to a story about a caterpillar then build one with DUPLO®. When your little ones have worked up an appetite, they can construct mouth-watering DUPLO® food creations for a tea party; then it’s time for our tower game: how high can you go? Just when you think you’ve built it all, make a home for our DUPLO® animals; a kennel for the dog, a barn for the horse or a comfy chair for the cat to curl up on.



Bring your little LEGO®-enthusiasts to our DUPLO® Farm; a place to let their imaginations run wild. Get their green thumbs into gear by challenging them to fashion colourful DUPLO® flowers for the farmer’s gorgeous garden. For the especially active 2-5 year-olds, there’s endless wiggling and sliding around the barn as they have a ball with the oversized soft bricks. There’s even a cow to keep them mooooooving!


There’s no doubt DUPLO® is great for kids; big bricks that help build big brains.