Surprising Benefits of LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre, from 3 Year Olds to Adults

Surprising Benefits of LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre, from 3 Year Olds to Adults

Is LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Melbourne worth it for the whole family? Well, there’s a clue in the name; LEGO® comes from ‘leg godt,’ a Danish phrase for ‘play well.’ So, if you’re looking for fun things to do in Melbourne, a trip to LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is exciting for all ages, but you’ll need a little one with you to enter. There’s more to these bricks than meets the eye; did you know, playing with LEGO® is also designed to build social, emotional and communication skills?


Cultivates Creativity

Just imagine. There are 915,103,765 ways you can combine six eight-studded LEGO® bricks. Whether you’re 3 or 50, LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre invites you to stretch your wildest imagination and get hands-on. For inspiration, check out the incredibly intricate works on display; our Master Model Builder who’s able to create ANYTHING can reveal great building tips too. They’re guaranteed to bring out your inner craftsperson.


Problem-Solving Skills

By building LEGO® structures and environments, we solve problems and spark some storytelling. Amongst the 1.5 million bricks of MINILAND®, a replica of Melbourne and its most loved landmarks, what can you contribute? How high can you build a tower at the Earthquake Tables without it toppling over? Which car will beat your friend’s car in a racing match? Experiment away! Symmetry, balance, shapes, sizes and colours; your creative and mathematical brain will be happily exercised.


Silly Good Vibes

Don’t worry – there’s no right or wrong at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre. This is a playground for discovery and loads of belly laughs. Toddlers will be amused for hours at the life-sized DUPLO® Farm; crawl through the barn to meet the chickens, cows, pig, sheep and goat! Befriend some unique characters at Heartlake City; run amock with Mia the adventurer, or give the city an explosion of colourful architecture with the quirky artist, Emma. Can you make your pals even more interesting by adding personality quirks?


Encourages Teamwork

Make-believe scenarios from different storytellers can come face to face at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre. This is an excellent opportunity for collaboration between all ages. The tiniest tots can learn how to negotiate roles and responsibilities, so everyone’s happy. Kids can practice explaining their ideas, how they’re going to tackle them, and what challenges might be involved. Meanwhile, older folk will love the humour in improvisation; bounce ideas off each other, think on your feet, say yes and go with it! Not only is role-playing incredibly fun, but it also encourages real-world skills.


Genuine Connections

There’s magic in all this play; a factor that can be sorely missing in our busy schedules. Unstructured free play is a great way for people of all ages to live in the moment and release stress. And with so much screen time, face-to-face activity at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre can bring people closer together and champion new connections. Who could forget that time you built a castle or spaceship together? One of the most enjoyable takeaways from visiting LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is getting to know your child, partner, and even yourself on a different level.