The Ultimate Kids Indoor Activities are Right HERE!

The Ultimate Kids Indoor Activities are Right HERE!

Looking for some fun indoor activities for kids in Melbourne? Perhaps you can have a crafternoon, or a day of baking, or even a visit to the local library for story time, but have you considered a visit to LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre, the ultimate indoor playground

Here are 5 reasons why we are an awesome indoor activity for kids…


1) Designed specifically for kids

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is designed specifically for families with children aged 3 to 10 years, making it a bricktastic kids indoor activity. With different zones designed for different ages and different stages of learning, kids can get hands-on, all while building and discovering whatever their imagination desires.


2) Play and learn

When it comes to kids activities, not only do we want them to be fun and engaging, but we also hope they will learn something new too. When children play they are also learning the skills required for social, cognitive and physical development. Playing with LEGO® helps kids develop spatial awareness, problem-solving skills and fine motor skills, as well as a positive attitude towards learning, all while having a bricktacular time. In each zone, kids can participate in different activities, each contributing to different stages of growth and development.


3) Come rain, hail or shine

It’s no secret that Melbourne experiences a mixture of weather, raining one day, sunny the next. So we bet you are always looking for fun activities for kids to get them out of the house (and your hair). Well, we are 100% indoors, so no matter if you’re looking for some relief from the scorching summer heat, or to escape a wet and cold winter’s day, we really are the ultimate indoor playground at any time of the year.


4) It’s not all about the bricks 

There is so much more to do than you might think. Although you might be escaping the elements, experience wind, rain or even snow at our 4D cinema, or climb aboard your chariot or enchanted cart with our 2 awesome rides. Everyone loves LEGO® bricks though, so there is still plenty of building, creating, playing and learning with the iconic bricks.


5)  Suitable for the whole family

Although we are designed especially for kids, the whole family can get in on the action and participate in the activities. In addition to learning, participating in these activities with your child is great for parent-child bonding.


So… what are you waiting for? Book your tickets online today!