Halloween Brick or Treat

Halloween Brick or Treat

It’s the ultimate LEGO® Brick-or-Treat this Halloween! Join us on Thursday 31 October from 5pm to take part in an awesome trick-or-treating experience where you can score mystery LEGO® mini builds, create a LEGO® Jack-o-Lantern with our Master Builders, collect a limited edition LEGO® Factory Brick and Pop Badge and more!

Plus, spot the scary classic movie and TV scenes in MINILAND Melbourne, check out live demonstrations of the new LEGO® Hidden Side™ sets and have your face painted with a spooky Halloween themed design! Make sure you wear your most horrifying Halloween outfit to scare us!


Brick or Treat

For the special price of $50, each child can bring along one free adult and collect these awesome LEGO® treats as part of a Trick or Treat hunt (valued at $29.99):

  • Two LEGO® mystery mini builds!
  • LEGO® Jack-o-lantern creative build
  • LEGO® Friends creative build
  • LEGO® brick keychain
  • Collectable LEGO® Halloween Pop Badge
  • Collectable LEGO® Halloween Factory Brick

Total value of this ticket is $94.99 for just $50! Check out the terms and conditions*


Freakishly frightening food

Check out our mortifying menu of terrifying treats at our café:

  • Creepy cupcakes ($3 special)
  • Wicked witch and Demonic Devil cookies ($3 each)
  • Bloody raspberry slushies ($5)
  • Spooky shakes ($7.50)
  • Possessed popcorn in funky flavours ($3.50)


Horrifying Halloween LEGO®

Also make sure you check out these horrifying Halloween sets and at the LEGO®LAND Discovery Centre retail store:

  • 10% off LEGO® Hidden Side™ sets
  • Brand new: 3 pack of LEGO® Halloween minifigs ($19.99)
  • Brand new: LEGO® Ghost and LEGO® Witch Brickheadz ($15.99)
  • Brand new: LEGO® Halloween t-shirt ghost ($24.99)
  • Brand new: LEGO® Halloween t-shirt skeleton ($24.99)

Plus make sure you join us for our live demonstrations of the spooky new Hidden Side range! Hidden Side™ invites you to join a fearless team of ghost hunters: use the augmented reality app to bring the sets to life, revealing ghoulish ghosts and spooky specters!


*Halloween Brick or Treat ticket terms & conditions:

  • The ticket provides entry for one adult (valued at $32.50), one child aged 3 and over (valued at $32.50) and 7 free items (valued at $29.99: LEGO® mystery mini build 1, LEGO® mystery mini build 2, LEGO® Jack-o-lantern creative build, LEGO® Friends creative build, LEGO® brick keychain, Collectible LEGO® Halloween Pop Badge, Collectible LEGO® Halloween Factory Brick). Total value of $94.99 for just $50!
  • Only children who have purchased a full-paying ticket will receive $29.99 worth of LEGO® treats only. Adults and children aged under 3 year olds will not receive the free treats.
  • Free admission for 1 adult when accompanied by a full paying child. Up to 1 adult can receive free entry with the purchase of this child ticket.
  • All adults and children (aged 3+) require a ticket.
  • Adults (18+) must be accompanied by a child (aged 17 and under) to enter.

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