Great Places to Visit in Melbourne with Grandparents

Great Places to Visit in Melbourne with Grandparents

From LEGO® race tracks to making a splash – here’s how to do Grandparents Day Out in Melbourne without splashing too much cash!

Best by Phar Lap

Melbourne Museum is free for under 16s. There’s a whole lot of stuff to see, and the best part is it’s equally interesting for kids and grandparents. Walk right up to an enormous whale skeleton. Be a mini archaeologist and dig for fossils in the Childrens’ Gallery. Meet the real Phar Lap. And, get different viewpoints on history and the natural world. This is a grandparent’s time to shine, with all the knowledge you can offer about what you see. You might not yet be a museum piece yourself, but you’ve been around a lot longer than the grandkids – so let those stories be told!

Round and Round the Garden

Did you know the Royal Botanic Gardens offer free guided walks? Take the pressure off yourself for a while, and let an expert answer all the ‘why?’ questions. Learn about the different tree species, and feast your senses on the brilliant flower displays. Where did all these plants come from, and why are they so special? Passionate and knowledgeable guides will draw you into the secrets of the garden. You’ll be amazed by all the tiny things you never noticed, which have been right under your nose the whole time. Seeing a place through a child’s eyes can be very enlightening, especially when it’s one of the most popular places to visit in Melbourne.

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Melbourne

Ah, here’s some nostalgia! LEGO® brings back great memories for us grandies, and it’s wonderful to see the grandkids embracing it too. Remember the first model you made? Or at least, you might recall the feeling of achievement that came with it. At LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Melbourne, there are resident master builders, so once again, you can turn to the experts to answer questions. Playing with LEGO® builds problem-solving skills, and helps create resilience – great qualities to foster in the youngest generations. This is your chance to enjoy meaningful conversation, as you figure out a tricky issue on a build. One of the most fun activities at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Melbourne is building race cars, then racing each other on the purpose-built track. There’s also a 4D cinema on-site, and rides too; great value for this much fun!

Splash Back

Get back to basics with a good old-fashioned trip to the pool. Melbourne City Baths is still cheap as chips, with a number of facilities packed into this gorgeous heritage building. For an indoor/outdoor experience, head to Carlton Baths where there’s a large outdoor pool. North Melbourne Recreation Centre has a toddler splash pool and learn to swim area. If your grandkids are learning to swim, make sure you know what level they’re at. Kids will overestimate their skills in the water, so watch them like a hawk! They won’t mind if it means they can show off to their favourite grandparent!

Enjoy your day out with the grandkids in Melbourne. No matter which activities you decide to do, you’ll be together, and that’s all that matters.