Fun Kids Activities in Melbourne to Raise Little Einsteins

Fun Kids Activities in Melbourne to Raise Little Einsteins

Theoretically speaking, if Albert Einstein was looking for things to do in Melbourne with kids, where would he go? Here are our favourite problem-solving activities for your little Einsteins!


Building Knowledge

Legendary LEGO®: the short-cut to creative advancement! These blocks represent a tactile learning approach; the interconnected system encourages trial and error, allowing kids to make mistakes and rebuild where needed. Concentration and patience are required – two things screen time doesn’t provide! And when it’s time to take the journey further, LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Melbourne offers Creative Workshops. Here, a Master Model Builder will share their experience, with great ideas for challenging LEGO® builds. Learn about the symmetry of structures, the importance of balance and other insider tips. Plus, there are a total of 11 other incredible build & play zones to explore!


Twinkle Twinkle

We’re blessed with some fantastic star-gazing places close to Melbourne. A short drive out of the city, light pollution begins to disappear. Binoculars and a telescope are essential tools, along with warm clothing and snacks! Check out the excellent star-gazing apps that show which constellations you’re looking at, in real-time! It’s a sure-fire way to engage tweens. Make sure you time your starry experience to coincide with the passing of the International Space Station (ISS); this schedule can easily be found online. It’s always an impressive sight to see, gliding brightly overhead on its way around the earth!


How Does Your Garden Grow?

There’s nowhere more lush and lovely than our own Royal Botanic Gardens, and inside, the Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden is an oasis of inspiration. Activities are specially designed for kids, with exhibits scaled to allow them to interact with many different species of flora. There’s always a team member on-hand to explain the lifecycle of plants or teach your tikes where food comes from in the kitchen garden. Playing in nature is an essential way to learn how the natural world works. It’s a living science experiment for kids!


Ready, Set, LEGO!

Kids are too young to drive a car, but not too young to build one! LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne has it’s very own LEGO® Racers: Build & Test zone. Inside, it’s motoring mayhem in the most exciting way; children can build a super-fast racer, then take it for a spin on the ramp to time how fast it gets to the finish line. In the race to see who’ll cross the finish line first, many important discoveries are made about force and motion. It’s not so much a case of ‘who will win,’ but as Einstein might have said, ‘HOW will you win?’


Do Re Mi

Musical education can improve a child’s performance in other academic subjects, and in the early developmental stages, it’s a DIY affair. Find some objects in your home that make a great sound. A plastic laundry basket can be upturned and played like a drum using wooden spoons. Teach your kids about the ways sounds can be made, such as using air to activate a whistle or recorder. A longer pipe makes a deeper sound – so the more holes that are closed, the lower the noise will be. Try making a ‘carrot whistle’ – there are loads of instructional videos online. And it’s the ultimate instrument because you can snack on it afterwards!