10 Awesome Play-based Learning Activities for Kids

10 Awesome Play-based Learning Activities for Kids

Play-based learning is the bee’s knees. Because kids are inherently driven to play, opting for play-based activities gives them more opportunities to understand the world around them. Let them experiment, explore, discover, and problem solve in ways that switch on their imagination. Here are 10 play-based activities you and your child can do together.


Intrigue Table

Set up a small table filled with interesting things, and change up the theme every week. If your little one loves all things trains, planes and automobiles, you could print out a map and mark out all the transport hubs.


Jurassic Freeze

In a big container of water, freeze plastic dinosaurs, and add some earthy-toned food dye to make the water look rock-like. When it’s frozen, get your pint-sized palaeontologist to dig out the dinos with utensils.


Story Theatre

Fashion a stage from a rug or mat, and drag over a lamp for dramatic effect. Then, get the kids to dress up and put on a show based on their favourite book. Enlist the help of their soft toys for a DIY audience.


Head to the Ultimate Indoor Playground in Melbourne

Kids of all ages love LEGO® Bricks. Whether they build by following set instructions or using their imagination to invent something new, they’ll also be learning colours, construction, spatial awareness, sorting, counting, fine motor skills and even tidying up. If you’re looking for a full building-block adventure, plan your visit to LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Melbourne.

With 11 LEGO® play zones to suit any age from 3-10, this play-based paradise is your go-to indoor playground in Melbourne. 3-4-year-olds can exercise their imagination in the DUPLO™ Farm. 5-6-year-olds can play ‘pretend’ with complex concepts at LEGO® Friends zone. 7-8-year-olds can experiment with sharing and negotiating at LEGO® Racers: Build and Test zone. 9-10-year-olds can explore their sense of realism at MINILAND® Melbourne.


Reclaimed Recycling

Instead of throwing out your paper and plastic bits and pieces, save them in a tub for a rainy crafternoon. Kit your kids out with some paint and glue, then encourage them to make a crocodile from an egg box, or a rocket from a bottle.


Surprise Bag

Grab a canvas tote back and fill it with an assortment of random items. When it’s full, get your child to reach in without looking, and guess what they’re holding. Get them to describe what each object feels like and let their imagination take over.


Cushion Islands

Scatter some throw cushions all around your living room floor. When you’ve created your soft-furnished islands, your little adventurers can jump between the islands, trying not to fall in or get bitten; they can even catch a fish.


Collect Outside

Let your kids loose outside to collect garden goodies such as leaves, pebbles, flowers and sticks. When they’re done, they can construct a mini farm for their toy animals, and learn about what they’ve collected.


Guess What

With a blank sheet of paper in front of them, ask your child to draw by following your instructions. Using shapes, you can tell them what to draw and time how long it takes them to guess what it is.


Bread Bake

For an activity that rises to the occasion, gather all the ingredients and get ready to bake a lovely loaf of bread. The kids will enjoy getting their hands dirty while they stir, sift and pour their way to some homemade dough.


With a little imagination, a dash of creativity and a side of surprise, these 10 inspiring ideas should keep big and little kids engaged and entertained.


Let your kids loose at Melbourne’s LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre.