mother and daughter playing with lego friends among building made from lego

Meet the LEGO® Friends

Heartlake City is home to five friends, whose mission is to make their home and the world a better place. Get to know each of the friends and their special and unique personalities, and help them to build a totally awesome city.

Visiting Heartlake City is all about creating stories and building additions to sit beside the impressive buildings in the city. The only limitation is your imagination.  

Which friend will be your new BBF? Or perhaps, they all will? We can’t wait for you to visit Heartlake City and leave your mark with totally awesome creations.

Andrea lego friend minifigure

Andrea - The Drama Queen

Andrea will become a star one day. Whether she’s singing, dancing or acting, she’s always very entertaining.  Andrea loves having fun but she also knows she needs to work hard to use her talent to make a difference in the world.

While she isn’t afraid to work hard, she also loves to spoil herself with a new costume or a beauty treatment.

Andrea doesn’t like to be told “no”, as well as listening to others talk for too long; especially when it’s Mia telling her she needs to work harder to improve her singing.

Emma - The Quirky Artist

Emma loves to draw and take pictures of beautiful things and she has an amazing talent where she can imagine and create things no one else would even think of.

Emma loves to tell jokes - not that people get them most of the time.  She also loves starting big art projects - but isn’t so good at finishing them.  She works really hard to keep secrets but she just finds it so hard!  Emma has a heart of gold and loves everyone equally, and in return is adored by all.

Emma lego friend minifigure
Mia Lego friend minifigure

Mia - The Adventurer

Mia loves animals and being outdoors and, while she loves her four friends, she’s pretty sure her horse, Bella, understands her better than most people.

Mia is a ‘doer’ who strives to get things done, and usually finishes things while the others are still discussing how to do it.   

Mia loves honesty, doesn’t care about gossip and doesn’t worry about what other people think. She also loves skateboarding and the challenge of someone telling her something is impossible.

Olivia - The Scientist

Olivia is a self-confessed super nerd. She loves anything to do with science, coding, gadgets, inventions, engineering and mechanics.  If you’re ever in a sticky situation, Olivia will build something that can fix it.  She loves having company in her lab and having her friends around to help her build new inventions - and to borrow things from when she needs a part.

Come and join Olivia and help her build new bricktastic inventions that make Heartlake City a better place.

Olivia LEGO Friend minifigure
Stephanie lego friend figure

Stephanie - The Sporty One

Stephanie loves anything to do with sports and living a healthy lifestyle. She is kind and caring and is always the first one to pick her friends up if they have been hurt or need some encouragement.

Stephanie loves any kind of missions, especially rescue missions (and secret missions).

She enjoys the company of her friends who provide her with encouragement when she is feeling down and needs some inspiration to get the job done.

Now you've met the five friends, stop by Heartlake City and make your mark on this totally awesome city. 

Play with the LEGO® Friends models and pieces and create stories centred around the friends in Heartlake City.